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Need parts or service for your cash drawer?  Let RISCO products help with your repair and service needs. RISCO Products Inc. maintains a complete stock of spare parts in order to provide quick turnaround service for any product that we sell. Contact us for any repair or service issue that occurs on your RISCO electronic or manual cash drawer.


We can also supply spare keys should you lose your cash drawer keys. You will need the following information when ordering spare keys:


  • Cash Drawer Model or Part Number
  • Key Number


If you happen to have any cash drawers purchased from Indiana Cash Drawer Company, RISCO Products can provide parts and service for these units as well. We maintain a variety of components in stock so that you can repair your ICD cash drawers. Or, if you prefer, we can repair your ICD units here at our facility and return them to you once they are back in working order. Let us know what we can do to help.


Contact the RISCO Service & Parts Department at
For more information.

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