Electronic Cash Drawers ESB POS Series

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(English) Identical to ESB series drawers, but includes special cutouts for cable routing. Designed for use with the RISCO POSDock.

(English) ESB-POS-2120

  • Undercounter or overcounter mounting
  • Sizes available:
    • ESB-2120: 21″L x 20″W x 4.375″H
    • ESB-211675: 21″L x 16.75″W x 4.375″H
    • ESB-1751675: 17.5″L x 16.75″W x 4.375″H
    • ESB-17520: 17.5″L x 20″W x 4.375″H
  • Interfaces available:
    • 24V: 24 Volt Printer Drive
    • SPC: Serial-Parallel Combination
    • SOP: Serial Pulse Signal Opening Package
  • Colors available:
    • PW: Pearl White
    • CB: Carbide Black